Courtney Ross became a photographer at a young age. She spent high school and college in the darkroom and knew film would always be her medium of choice. She enjoys the quality of light displayed with film, the reminiscent tones and the craftsmanship involved in creating a photo from start to finish. 
Intensely inspired by Richard Avedon, Courtney feels a portrait captures a human's soul through their eyes. She is very inspired by her subject through portraiture and the current times in fashion. When pairing the two together and using film as a medium, Courtney feels there is nothing more powerful. 
Her love for movement and the arts led her to photograph a ballerina in her college career. She immediately knew this was her calling. Combining dance and fashion, Courtney is able to serve two purposes with a medium that is not widely used for the genres. She has become the master of film photography for both fashion and dance genres.

Courtney Ross provides classic yet relevant portraiture for the world’s leading fashion and beauty brands as well as professional ballerinas. Her polished style is strikingly delicate and endlessly fervent. 

She has been published in Boudoir Collective, The White Wren, Rocky Mountain Bride, and Sheeba Magazine.

Mission Statement